1. Großkopf 2014

    Großkopf 2014

  2. YOLO 2014

    YOLO 2014

  3. 00:23

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  4. Squid kid 2014

    Squid kid 2014

  5. Gopniks 2014

    Gopniks 2014

  6. Vinyl idiot 2014

    Vinyl idiot 2014

  7. boy w/ flag 2014

    boy w/ flag 2014

  8. 11:02 Jun 2014

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    'Im really into cold brew and weed butter' 2014

    'Im really into cold brew and weed butter' 2014

  9. Okroshka comic 2014

    Okroshka comic 2014

  10. 09:15 Jun 2014

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  11. love in the time of crumbs

    love in the time of crumbs

  12. Sleep radar

    She must have some kind of sleep radar. I was called from bed for a late night work phone call and somehow when I return she reaches out to touch me and I say hi and she says hi and I say why are you awake and she mumbles incoherently because she is not actually awake but somehow spatially aware. 

    I get into bed and I can’t sleep because I’m afraid of additional phone calls for work. I eat a little chili left from dinner.

  14. "I feel oppressed by presentations on health insurance" he thought while watching his company’s presentation on health insurance.
    The concept that being able to choose your plan from an employer as representative of freedom is completely wrong. Freedom is not having to pick your provider, find a doctor who accepts it etc. freedom is just going to a doctor when something is wrong and not having it be very expensive that’s all.
    "I just want to feel like that if my arm gets cut off I can not die and not be financially ruined. I think I’d rather die than be financially ruined," he said out loud to his computer
  15. 08:00 Jan 2014

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    If I found myself watching the sun rise 
    there is a significant chance that I
    would kill myself
    or postpone the sun
    until I would watch the sunrise with you