1. Sleep radar

    She must have some kind of sleep radar. I was called from bed for a late night work phone call and somehow when I return she reaches out to touch me and I say hi and she says hi and I say why are you awake and she mumbles incoherently because she is not actually awake but somehow spatially aware. 

    I get into bed and I can’t sleep because I’m afraid of additional phone calls for work. I eat a little chili left from dinner.

  2. 00:14 17th Mar 2014

    Notes: 1

    Keep Siri weird.

    Keep Siri weird.

  4. "I feel oppressed by presentations on health insurance" he thought while watching his company’s presentation on health insurance.
    The concept that being able to choose your plan from an employer as representative of freedom is completely wrong. Freedom is not having to pick your provider, find a doctor who accepts it etc. freedom is just going to a doctor when something is wrong and not having it be very expensive that’s all.
    "I just want to feel like that if my arm gets cut off I can not die and not be financially ruined. I think I’d rather die than be financially ruined," he said out loud to his computer
  5. 08:00 24th Jan 2014

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    If I found myself watching the sun rise 
    there is a significant chance that I
    would kill myself
    or postpone the sun
    until I would watch the sunrise with you

  6. 18:15 22nd Jan 2014

    Notes: 12

    we will all die but we will all remain on the internet

    one day I will post my last facebook status
    that will probably be
    relatively close to the same day I die

    one day I will be older and I will log on to facebook
    and I will read the final status updates of deceased people I care about
    click on some photos or something
    and I will hang my head very low and cry for a very long time

    I want to go around all of the internet 
    and collect each last one
    make some sort of meaningful composition from all of them
    definitely not a coffee table book

    something that makes sense, but emotionally
    is the equivalent of
    stitching each one together into a giant quilt by hand
    it will take one year or more to finish it and when I am done my hands will ache

    and then I will wrap myself in it
    and I will hang my head very low and cry for a very long time

  7. #selfie ‘reflection in two scobys’

    #selfie ‘reflection in two scobys’

  8. as I get older I feel more like crying
    not specifically because I am sad
    but more specifically because of 
    heartwarming moments on reality TV

    a byproduct of overexposure to the intimate details of others lives
    or an exploitation of inherent empathy?

    the asshole of reality TV is a visionary
    a revolutionary, the whole idea is to not be a part of the product
    but this asshole is a marketed revolutionary
    so not one

    but what if the revolutionary’s acts are true
    to disrupt the cycle of reality TV
    but instead, is only marketed

    what anti-social acts would a reality TV revolutionary have to commit
    in order to break through and no longer be a marketable one?

    "this is the opportunity of a lifetime"
    "this is my dream in real time"
    "I’m not here to make friends"

  9. 01:55 2nd Dec 2013

    Notes: 7

    Today I started work on what is becoming my first video game. This is from the beginnings, where the Jerry Seinfeld heads would just pile up with no place to go. Poor Bill Cosby.

    Today I started work on what is becoming my first video game. This is from the beginnings, where the Jerry Seinfeld heads would just pile up with no place to go. Poor Bill Cosby.

  10. 22:13 20th Nov 2013

    Notes: 4


    I can’t wait until
    I can text you, but with my face
    kiss you
    instead of :-*

  12. 22:04 2nd Nov 2013

    Notes: 2

    Girard Freeloader pt. IV (this is questionable)

    (a feeble-minded continuation of Girard Freeloader pt III <— that is a link)

    It had been three years and they were still hanging out. It was probably somewhat important that he no longer felt like the freeloader he did before, but for the sake of continuity, he decided that this belonged with all the others

    They went to the place that looked like Germany and she showed him
    things from her old life when she lived here and she was a child. He found them interesting and he squinted at her school and imagined her inside.

    She said that at that school a retarded girl falsely accused a teacher of rape, but then admitted that she had lied and there was no rape. He said something like ‘I always feel like that is questionable, maybe she was coerced to say she lied, or maybe she just lied. Is weird to think that has definitely happened in the past.’ She said ‘She definitely lied, but yeah, that has definitely happened at some point.’ They walked a little bit in silence because the world is weird.

    They walked to the mall and she used to be there a lot but all the stores had changed and it sort of felt like a whole lot of nothing.

    She said something like ‘I feel like I have closure here, just like when I went back to Kh———-. I had been dreaming about this and now I’m here and now it’s over and I know that.’

    Then they argued cause they were ‘hangry’ and went to a diner. He said something like ‘sometimes my job sucks’ and she said something like ‘you do your job too much’ and then they ate cheeseburgers and went home and it was a very long way. 

    Later they were going out and he looked at her and thought that her skeleton was still amazing and hopefully she still liked his pumpkin and it was weird that they were the same things that they were then the first time, back when one could argue that they barely knew each other.

    pt. III
    pt. II
    pt. I

  13. 04:17 16th Oct 2013

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    This is what I do in my spare time.

    This is what I do in my spare time.

  14. July, 2013

    I never met him IRL but because of some stuff we were organizing,
    I added him on facebook

    He accepted and then he liked my status and then he died


    At last count I have eight friends on facebook who are dead
    it is going to be weird when
    the number of dead people
    on facebook
    becomes similar to the number of alive people

  15. 16:23 7th Aug 2013

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    Bagels, 2013Bagels on Cinderblock

    Bagels, 2013
    Bagels on Cinderblock